Sharon sees our state as the jewel of the south.  From the foothill of the Appalachian Mountains offering rivers, lakes, hiking trails, gem hunting and quaint small town squares.  To Atlanta’s world-class restaurants, festive nightlife, professional sports teams and attractions. An international city with a rich history known as the cradle of the civil rights movement. To the Coastal waters and beautiful beaches that invite people to enjoy marine life and water sports. Around every corner there is something for everyone.   Sharon sees a 21st century Georgia that is even better than what we have today.  She knows how to get us there.  She is uniquely qualified and understands government is just a tool to resolve our challenges and create a roadmap to improved prosperity.

Passing a balanced budget each year is the only mandated responsibility of the legislature set out in the Georgia State Constitution.  The Covid crisis will make the budget decisions next year more difficult than ever, hard choices will be made.  The financial crisis brought on by the Covid pandemic will not destroy our financial future. Sharon will work diligently to rebuild our financial stability. Sharon will bring her proven skills of coalition and consensus building, critical thinking and analysis, problem solving and implementation, her willingness to both speak up as well as listen to others to the State Capitol. She has relationships at the State Capitol that her opponents do not have.  She is extremely well versed in uniting people around best practices regardless of their political persuasion. She has been doing exactly these things for a decade as an unpaid citizen in Atlanta.

Criminal Justice Reform 

The issue of protecting our youth and adults from overzealous prosecution for non violent victimless crimes while continuing to provide for public safety is a passion that has driven Sharon and affected so many Georgia families.  Sharon has worked for the better part of 15 years to educate our elected officials across Georgia on this issue. As a Nationally recognized expert on the subject, Sharon will continue this work once elected.

Mass Incarceration has been on the rise for several decades.  Our prison system is filled with citizens with both mental health issues and those who are incarcerated for petty crimes that have the State listed as their only victim. The United States boasts 5% of the World’s population and incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners. This is devastating on many levels, socially and fiscally.  Sharon has played an integral part of the reforms that have been accomplished in the Georgia State legislature under Nathan Deal, working with Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Law Enforcement, Nonprofits and business owners.  She has testified in front of many committees for good legislation and against bad legislation.  She has secured other experts from across Georgia and the United States to testify as well and often paid their travel expenses out of her own pocket.  She always fights special interest lobbies that are interested in passing bills that are not in the best interest of our citizens. Great strides have been made on this issue in the last 10 years and she wants to continue that work, while protecting the progress already made.

Accessibility and TransparencySharon believes it is the time to elect leaders that will represent her neighbors in District 9. That will represent our values and focus on our regional growth. She cares about the people living in her district and what they have to say. She will make herself accessible and be completely transparent with all that goes on under the Gold Dome and pledges to vet every bill that comes before her.  She promises to consider each piece of legislation for its  Constitutional soundness and how it will affect our citizens before voting it up or down.  She plans on keeping the people of District 9 apprised of every bill by posting online, sharing how she voted and why in a timely manner.  Sharon is very approachable, accessible and totally transparent in her personal and professional life and will continue that as your representative.  She is already building a team to assist with vetting each piece of legislation while delving into any unintended or hidden intended consequences they may bring upon the citizens. She is running to represent all of us.