Endorsements for Sharon Ravert for House District 9

“I first met Sharon Ravert when the Caravan for Peace, Justice and Dignity made its stop in Atlanta, Georgia. I knew right then and there that she was a woman committed to human rights and that she would do great things for people and her community. Now, seven years later and after working with Sharon on many important public policy issues, my intuition was spot on. 


During the past seven years, I have met many people who don’t just know of Sharon, but they know her. They all have nothing but praise for her abilities, commitment, and character. When people speak a consistent message about someone’s character, you certainly take notice.


As a retired 34-year police veteran and the current executive director of an international law enforcement reform organization, it pleases me to see Sharon understanding how public policy can be the enemy of both the people and police. Sharon has a special talent of recognizing such public policy and working to correct it for the benefit of both. Our failed drug policy is one such policy that Sharon and I have been working on together to reform. We need strong leaders who aren’t afraid to fight the difficult battles and that’s why I endorse Sharon for House District 9. She is a fighter for the people.”

Major Neill Franklin

State Police - Retired

Ladies & Gents,

There are few people running for office that I would consider an ally and even fewer I would consider leaders in the fight for Liberty here in Georgia. Sharon Ravert is one of those brave and defiant souls. Finding common ground regardless of party, Sharon has built a reputation at the capital as a principled advocate for the rights of the people. Coalitions seem to naturally grow around her. Her focus is empowering the people while reducing the size, scope, and tyranny of the state which is the testament to bold character. I believe Sharon understands that America’s greatness is directly proportional to American’s freedom, and so without hesitation, I am honored to endorse Sharon Ravert in her bid for the Georgia Assembly. Good luck & Godspeed!

For Liberty,

Shane T Hazel

US Senate Candidate, USMC Combat Veteran, Host of Radical Podcast

Sharon has proven herself to be a tireless advocate for her community and a vigorous champion of defending individual civil liberties. As an organizer she demonstrated an unparalleled ability to build coalitions, connect with community members, and produce real change that has had a positive impact on countless lives. If voters want a representative that will always put the needs of everyday Georgians first and that has the courage to take on the tough, but necessary fights, there is no better choice than Sharon Ravert.

Erik Altieri

Executive Director, NORML - Washington DC

I’m a retired Veteran and retired Georgia Peace Officer. I’m also a candidate for Sheriff of
Treutlen County Georgia.
I met Sharon Ravert in 2015 when we were both testifying before a Senate Committee in
Atlanta. We became friends and since then I have seen her passion for issues that affect every
Georgian carry her to the Gold Dome to advocate for change. She is a business owner in
Dahlonega and cares deeply about issues in her community. She is a fiscal conservative who
believes Georgia should stay on the path to criminal justice reform.
Sharon Ravert truly cares about people and will work to make the voice of the citizens of House
District 9 heard in Atlanta.
Tom McCain

Tom McCain

Candidate for Sheriff - Treutlen County GA

Sharon Ravert has been a prominent voice in community affairs and in the Georgia capitol for the last decade. She is both a business owner, a fiscal conservative and a citizen advocate focused on criminal justice and drug policy reform.

As a career law enforcement professional, I have worked in legislatures across the nation including the candidate in Georgia. She is a consensus builder who will listen to her community and work in a non-partisan fashion to implement solutions for not just her district, but all of Georgia.

Diane Goldstein

LT, Retired